The Catbird Speaks 9.7.17 – Lucas Giolito’s Success and the AL Wild Card Mess

Nick and Collin got together on a Thursday afternoon to discuss the success of the White Sox young pitchers, the state of the AL Wild Card race, and a number of other random things. Among the topics:

  • Lucas Giolito’s most recent start, as well as how good he’s looked during his brief time thus far with the White Sox.
  • Reynaldo Lopez’s return and whether or not there’s any concern over the minor injury that kept him out for two weeks.
  • Tim Anderson’s rebound during the last month and what that means for his future.
  • The Tigers’ recent trades, what that means for them and what acquiring Justin Verlander means for the Astros.
  • The mess of the AL Wild Card race and which teams, if any, are actually good.
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