White Sox 4, Athletics 2: A rare, easy day for Quintana

Baseball often gets–Praised? Bemoaned? Slandered?–for its lack of predictability, but back-to-back games of Chris Sale and Jose Quintana facing fill-in rotation options for the A’s have gone about as predictably as could have been hoped. 1. Quintana himself was far from dominant, not that immolating his opponents is often his path to success. He needed […]


White Sox 6, Athletics 2: This was how things were supposed to be

Having the 53-70 A’s roll in town is, typically, a good way for everything  for operate like it was always supposed. Time was, just a Chris Sale start was enough to make the Sox look like a killer outlet, but holding back his best stuff as he sticks to a conservation plan that begun running […]


Omar Narvaez: Symbol of Hope?

While it has been a rough season in many respects, one particularly disappointing aspect of 2016 has been–through misfortune and persistent organizational weakness–the lack of young players to watch with hopeful optimism. After all, once it’s clear a team’s immediate playoff fortunes have been dashed, the most obvious pleasure in continuing to watch derives from […]


White Sox 10, Indians 7: Eaton’s slam caps shocking five-run ninth

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that for all their frustrating flaws, the Sox aren’t much worse than an average team, and get to have fun nights too. This was a fun night! With Anthony Ranaudo filling in for a spot start against verified stud Carlos Carrasco, facing an Indians team that had defeated the Sox […]

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