A guaranteed missed opportunity

As you’ve likely seen by now, the White Sox announced a long-term deal to rename their stadium to Guaranteed Rate Field, with the 13-year agreement going into effect November 1. From a strictly dollars and cents perspective, the news is somewhere between neutral and good; from a more important perspective, it’s an example of this […]


Phillies 5, White Sox 3: A non-humiliating Shields loss

Recently, James Shields had been sliding back to his old habits of getting completely annihilated while pitching in a White Sox uniform. Coming into Wednesday night, Shields had allowed six earned runs in each of his August starts, given up nine home runs in 14 innings of work, only lasted 14 innings in four starts, been crushed […]


White Sox 9, Phillies 1: Total dominance

The Phillies are not a good baseball team. They’re in the middle of a genuine rebuild, their hot start to the season was mostly helium, they have a moribund offense and no parts of their promising young pitching were on display Tuesday night with Jake Thompson on the hill. A Sox blowout shouldn’t have been […]


White Sox 4, Athletics 2: A rare, easy day for Quintana

Baseball often gets–Praised? Bemoaned? Slandered?–for its lack of predictability, but back-to-back games of Chris Sale and Jose Quintana facing fill-in rotation options for the A’s have gone about as predictably as could have been hoped. 1. Quintana himself was far from dominant, not that immolating his opponents is often his path to success. He needed […]


White Sox 6, Athletics 2: This was how things were supposed to be

Having the 53-70 A’s roll in town is, typically, a good way for everything  for operate like it was always supposed. Time was, just a Chris Sale start was enough to make the Sox look like a killer outlet, but holding back his best stuff as he sticks to a conservation plan that begun running […]

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