The Catbird Speaks 4.3.17 – It’s Opening Day!

Opening Day is here, and Collin Whitchurch, Nick Schaefer, and Frank Firke get together to discuss the 25-man roster, including the decisions the White Sox made regarding certain positions, and what options they have going forward. Later, they talk generally about the season as a whole, predictions for the rest of the American League, and they each give predictions on how many games the White Sox will win this season.

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The Catbird Speaks 3.13.17 – Spring Training Odds and Ends

As the White Sox make their way through Spring Training, Collin, Nick, and Cat get together to discuss all the latest musings out of Glendale. Among the topics:

-Charlie Tilson’s latest injury, what it means for him as well as what it means for the makeup of this year’s roster.

-Jose Quintana owning at the World Baseball Classic and how awesome that is.

-The trade value of David Robertson.

-The construction of this year’s roster, what it might look like given Tilson’s injury and the departure of Brett Lawrie.

-Observations and insight from Collin after covering Sox camp last week in Glendale.

-And we answer questions from our Twitter followers!

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The Catbird Speaks 2.13.17 – Spring Training Preview with James Fegan

James Fegan, White Sox reporter for The Athletic Chicago and’s Editor Emaritus, returns to the podcast fresh off of his flight to Arizona for Spring Training to help us preview White Sox camp.

Among the topics:

-Why all the new, young arms are among the things to most look forward to at camp,

-What the catcher position is going to look like this season,

-The trade markets of Jose Quintana and Jose Abreu,

-Playing time for young players vs. trade chips,

-Why Whataburger is a superior fast food chain to In-N-Out,

-How much James loves and misses us already.

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The Catbird Speaks 2.6.17 – Talking Prospects With Jeff Paternostro

Collin Whitchurch and Nick Schaefer welcome Baseball Prospectus Senior Prospect Writer Jeff Paternostro to talk about the White Sox Top 10 prospects. Among the topics:

-Whether or not Reynaldo Lopez, Carson Fulmer, and other top pitching prospects are likely to be starters or relievers.

-Zack Collins’ bat, and his chances of sticking at catcher

-Yoan Moncada’s best position and whether or not he’s destined for stardom

-The White Sox U25 list and how he’d rank Moncada with the likes of Carlos Rodon and Tim Anderson

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The Catbird Speaks 1.30.16 – Silent SQL queries

James is fresh from visiting SoxFest for his new work with The Athletic Chicago, and delights his friends Nick Schaefer, Frank Firke and Mark Primiano with tales of what the White Sox are saying about their state of affairs.

–Excitement for the new prospect arms

–Awkwardness for Jose Quintana and Todd Frazier

–Tim Anderson’s extreme confidence

–Hope for Zack Collins at catcher

–Rick Hahn’s long-term rebuilding vision

–Ceviche pedantry!

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The Catbird Speaks 1.16.17 – Rymer Slimer or Leury Slurry

James Fegan, Mark Primiano and Nick Schaefer broke the incredibly long drought of The Catbird Speaks recordings this weekend with the first episode since the White Sox teardown began in earnest. This episode finds the staff acclimating to the new Sox way of life, talking about Jose Quintana trades, the lack of heat behind other players, answering reader questions and, as always, bagging on other teams. Topics include:

–Look at all these big-time prospects

–Who makes a deal for Quintana? (Rockies? Pirates? Astros? Yankees? Braves? Mets?)

–Some actual trade rumor info

–Where are Frazier and Lawrie going to go?

–When will this prospect bounty make it to the majors?

–The Mariners look bad

–Reacting to James’ bad jokes

–2017 White Sox win total

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The Catbird Speaks 11.30.16 – Waiting for death

The gang of James Fegan, Ethan Spalding, Collin Whitchurch and Mark Primiano gather together to once again ponder the seemingly immiment but possibly never happening White Sox rebuild.

–Will Chris Sale get traded? How long will it take? Can they rebuild without dealing Sale?

–What about one-year rentals for Todd Frazier and Melky Cabrera? When do the Sox get moving on that?

–If the Sox don’t move Sale, do they roll the dice on winning in 2017 without making any effort to improve?

–Can Jose Abreu get traded in this market?

–What if the Sox keep Jose Quintana? Can they build around him?

The Catbird Speaks 10.28.16 – The Offseason Plan

James Fegan and Collin Whitchurch gathered together to discuss the most important and shocking news that the White Sox world has to offer, such as Adam Eaton being a Gold Glove finalist and James Shields opting into the last two seasons of his contract.

Or actually, they spent most of the podcast discussing the BP South Side Offseason Plan, a simple $140 million path to winning in 2017. 

The Catbird Speaks 10.9.16 – The Only Rule is the Season Has to End On Time

It’s playoff time, baby! That means the BP South Side gang is gathering around to talk about something else, because the White Sox are done for the year. James Fegan, Nick Schaefer and Frank Firke gathered together to discuss:

–What was with all the weird machinations put in place just for Robin to step down?

–Rick Renteria should be good, right?

–The Sox are probably not rebuilding

–Notable White Sox in the playoffs

The Catbird Speaks 9.28.16 – We will not be ruled by fatalism

Mark and James gathered together for a near-end of season podcast on the also-ran 2016 White Sox. Items of fun and uplifting discussion include:

–Anxiety about a possible Sale departure

–Managing the Tyler Saladino-Brett Lawrie situation

–Possible free agent targets

–Why trading Sale or Quintana but not both doesn’t make sense

–Can the Sox ever break out of the middle?


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