The Catbird Speaks 6.28.16 – Are the White Sox buyers?

This episode contains a fun game inside the game for listeners: guess what Ethan said during the dead spots that merited deletion?

In between that:

-Is all hope lost of catching the Indians in the AL Central?

-Are the White Sox close enough to a playoff spot to justify trying to patch their many holes?

-Are they really going to keep playing J.B Shuck all the time?

-Tim Anderson is pretty fun, right?

-Carlos Rodon is striking a lot of people out

-Darin Erstad. What was that all about?

-Is the White Sox front office good? Bad? Too middling to overcome other problems?

This podcast is available on iTunes by searching “The Catbird Speaks” and contains explicit language.

The Catbird Speaks 6.6.16 – This is not safe for anyone’s work

Friend of the blog and prospect evaluator for 2080 Baseball Mauricio Rubio joined James and Ethan Sunday for a very profane and candid podcast not to be listened to in polite company.

Listen to enjoy the following segments:

–Assessment of the White Sox current awfulness

–Ideas for fixing the current awfulness

–James getting increasingly dismayed by the Jamaican National Team losing a soccer game

–Guessing what thing Ethan said about ownership that James felt the need to edit out

–Mauricio previews Thursday’s MLB Amateur Draft

–The trio discusses the James Shields trade

–Ethan makes an insane trade proposal for Jhonny Peralta

–Much, much more

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The Catbird Speaks 5.18.16 – Maintenance for a contender

Mid-May finds the White Sox and our hosts in a strange place: the Sox are in first place and all there is to talk about is how they keep an excellent start to the season going. With the wind at their backs, Nick, Collin and James take out time to:

–Trash all of the other AL Central contenders

–Wonder aloud what’s up with Jose Abreu

–Discuss whether the Sox will seek rotation help or bats in the trade market

–Deal with the ups and downs of Carlos Rodon

-Much, much more

The Catbird Speaks: White Sox Are 5-2

–Chatting about some of the new bats (Jackson, Rollins)

–Aces Wild (Syndergaard, Strasburg, Sale)

–The Twins are 0-7!

–Coping with Avisail

Cleveland Indians Preview Podcast

James & Matt talk with Jason Lukehart of Let’s Go Tribe to get a better look at the 2016 Cleveland Indians and preview the upcoming series.

The Catbird Speaks: Oakland A’s Opening Day Preview!

Fangraphs’ David Wiers drops by to talk about the A’s and White Sox in advance of the beginning of the season.

–What will the A’s do v. what should the A’s do?

–Sonny Gray v. Chris Sale

–Marcus Semien, Chris Bassitt, and the Former White Sox Backup Singers

–Frank Thomas destroying the Twins

The Catbird Speaks: An Opening Day Without Gordon Beckham

James, Ethan, Mark, and Matt discuss the final days of spring as the 2016 season approaches. Topics include:
The Final Roster Spot Minor Roster MovesJason Benetti Broadcasts Avisail Garcia’s Virtues Josh Field’s Collegiate Accomplishments Jeff Samardzija’s Likability

There Is No DH

James, Nick, and Matt have a chat, and ask questions which include the following:
How will the void left by Adam LaRoche be filled?Can a trade happen?Do left handed batters exist and can the White Sox get one?Can Mat Latos do anything to not win the rotation spot?Jimmy Rollins or Tyler Saladino?Avisail Garcia or…anybody?

The Catbird Speaks 2.23.16 The Jimmy Rollins signing is very NSFW

Kanye West recently released an album that could be described even by his own most devoted fans as a willful mess. At turns profound and serene but also shockingly base and crude, its discordance reflects an artist who is both dealing with significant transition in his life but also just naturally two minds about nearly everything.

One could take similar themes from this episode of The Catbird Speaks, where James, Nick and Ethan are joined by Mauricio Rubio from 2080 Baseball, and quickly devolve into profane, paranoid and embittered ramblings about White Sox and Cubs Twitter, the worst White Sox players they have ever seen hung out to dry, and ridiculous inside jokes that should definitely not be immortalized in a podcast. 
But also:
–Discussion of the Jimmy Rollins signing and what it means […]

The Catbird Speaks 2.16.16 – Who knows how excited to be?

James, Ethan and Matt gather together at another odd juncture in the White Sox inexplicable offseason. Spring Training is arriving, but the Sox are an addition short of being an interesting contender, and an odd mix of good, win-now pieces and black holes if they are not making any more moves. 

Should we look ahead to position battles or continue to look at free agency and trade options? Will this podcast launch Ethan’s rap career? Tune in to find out.