The Catbird Speaks 10.9.16 – The Only Rule is the Season Has to End On Time

It’s playoff time, baby! That means the BP South Side gang is gathering around to talk about something else, because the White Sox are done for the year. James Fegan, Nick Schaefer and Frank Firke gathered together to discuss:

–What was with all the weird machinations put in place just for Robin to step down?

–Rick Renteria should be good, right?

–The Sox are probably not rebuilding

–Notable White Sox in the playoffs

The Catbird Speaks 9.28.16 – We will not be ruled by fatalism

Mark and James gathered together for a near-end of season podcast on the also-ran 2016 White Sox. Items of fun and uplifting discussion include:

–Anxiety about a possible Sale departure

–Managing the Tyler Saladino-Brett Lawrie situation

–Possible free agent targets

–Why trading Sale or Quintana but not both doesn’t make sense

–Can the Sox ever break out of the middle?


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The Catbird Speaks 9.23.16 – The End Is Near

James, Collin, and Matt get together for a late night discussion about what’s even left to care about with the 2016 White Sox. There are complaints, expressions of sorrow, and James borrows from the greats of literature to express just how deep the sadness runs.


The Catbird Speaks 9.11.16 – Why watch the White Sox?

Ethan Spalding and James Fegan gathered on a fine September weekend in Chicago to discuss what’s left to enjoy about the dog days of the White Sox season. They settled on:

–Carlos Rodon’s ascent to becoming one of the best starters in the AL

–Chris Sale’s bid for the AL Cy Young

–Tim Anderson being good

–A suprise cameo from BP’s own Mauricio Rubio to talk about Sox prospects

–Todd Frazier’s weird season

–Jose Abreu’s recovery



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The Catbird Speaks 8.31.16 – Late Nights with Craig

Ethan Spalding and James Fegan are joined by Baseball Prospectus’ Minor League Editor Craig Goldstein for a late night cast discussing the future of the White Sox, as the present is not worth discussing (per usual).

Topics for this spirited affair include:

–Tim Anderson

–How does a prospect like Anderson compare to a prospect like Carlos Rodon?

–How do you build the next White Sox contender?

–What will the White Sox do instead of that?

–Comparing the Sox to the Dodgers, a team that acutally competed while strengthening their depth

–25 Tim Andersons


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The Catbird Speaks 7.31.16 – This could wind up like a 911 call

Nick Schaefer and James Fegan sat down to discuss the White Sox in the midst of trade deadline madness and a bizarre game against the Twins. Nothing happened and Chris Sale wasn’t traded while they reacted and started screaming in real time.

-How can we know what the Sox are doing for next year, if we don’t understand what they did this year?

-Compete in 2017 or total rebuild?

-Will the Sox spend to make this a competitive club?

-How much are Jose Abreu and Carlos Rodon to blame for sinking 2016?

-Much more!


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The Catbird Speaks 7.14.16 – The Theoretical White Sox Deli

Nick and James sit down and gab forever about where the White Sox stand at the All-Star break.

–Do they still have playoff hopes?

–Should they buy at the deadline?

–Why the moves they didn’t make are responsible for putting them here

–Should they keep their core together going forward?

–What did their draft accomplish? Was it worth sitting out of most free agency?

–Will James’ bird feeder survive in this rainstorm?


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The Catbird Speaks 6.28.16 – Are the White Sox buyers?

This episode contains a fun game inside the game for listeners: guess what Ethan said during the dead spots that merited deletion?

In between that:

-Is all hope lost of catching the Indians in the AL Central?

-Are the White Sox close enough to a playoff spot to justify trying to patch their many holes?

-Are they really going to keep playing J.B Shuck all the time?

-Tim Anderson is pretty fun, right?

-Carlos Rodon is striking a lot of people out

-Darin Erstad. What was that all about?

-Is the White Sox front office good? Bad? Too middling to overcome other problems?

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The Catbird Speaks 6.6.16 – This is not safe for anyone’s work

Friend of the blog and prospect evaluator for 2080 Baseball Mauricio Rubio joined James and Ethan Sunday for a very profane and candid podcast not to be listened to in polite company.

Listen to enjoy the following segments:

–Assessment of the White Sox current awfulness

–Ideas for fixing the current awfulness

–James getting increasingly dismayed by the Jamaican National Team losing a soccer game

–Guessing what thing Ethan said about ownership that James felt the need to edit out

–Mauricio previews Thursday’s MLB Amateur Draft

–The trio discusses the James Shields trade

–Ethan makes an insane trade proposal for Jhonny Peralta

–Much, much more

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The Catbird Speaks 5.18.16 – Maintenance for a contender

Mid-May finds the White Sox and our hosts in a strange place: the Sox are in first place and all there is to talk about is how they keep an excellent start to the season going. With the wind at their backs, Nick, Collin and James take out time to:

–Trash all of the other AL Central contenders

–Wonder aloud what’s up with Jose Abreu

–Discuss whether the Sox will seek rotation help or bats in the trade market

–Deal with the ups and downs of Carlos Rodon

-Much, much more