The Good Ship Avisail

Anyway you slice it, the last 38 games of the season may determine [Avisail] Garcia’s fate in the organization. 

As the White Sox remain cautiously optimistic about his future, Garcia can stay under team control through 2020. Look for him to play a lot of right field until season’s end.”

-Bruce Levine


[Buys ship for sale price] “This is an elite vessel. Top of the line!”

[Ship springs a leak] “Once repaired, this ship will lead us to the promised land”

[Ship bursts into flames] “This is really only its maiden voyage, you know”

[Ship explodes, killing many crew and spreading debris across the ocean] “Six weeks to evaluate the ship’s long term viability for sea travel, is all I ask”

[Being dragged underwater by ship’s pull as rescuers frantically try to save remaining crew] “We’re listening to offers but won’t trade it just to make a trade”

[On the phone with family of a deceased crew member] “Our plan for the future will become apparent after the first decision or two. You’ll see”

[Meeting the deceased crew, in Hell] “I think we can still win with this group. Let’s stand pat and see where we’re at when the deadline nears, eh?”

[Cavorting with Satan and his minions] “It’s a weak division of angels in Heaven right now. Don’t think we’d need a big raiding party to break through. Whaddya think? 85 should do it, I feel.”


Lead Image Credit: Joe Nicholson // USA Today Sports Images

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The good ship Avisail?
The good ship the White Sox?

At mid point during my reading I got confused

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