The Five Stages Of Robin Ventura

Robin Ventura may not be the problem, but Robin Ventura is a problem. I think the majority of White Sox fans can agree on this. Wednesday afternoon news leaked that the White Sox have privately decided to keep Ventura on as manager for 2017, causing an emotional meltdown throughout much of the Sox community, launching fans headlong into the stages of grief. The season has already died, but now some amount of team spirit has.

Denial: No way? Are you kidding me?
Denial. It’s the first step. It doesn’t make sense to do this so it must be fake. This is fake news, right? Why would the White Sox keep Robin Ventura around, after all that has happened? Good question! When people say something is a good question, it’s because they don’t know the answer and are buying time while they think one up. I went a step further and explained that, but it’s still not enough time. I don’t know the answer. Doesn’t really make sense!

Anger: This team is trash. They hate their fans, and their fans hate them in return!
It’s ok, you’re right to be mad. Like we already agreed, it doesn’t really make sense. Clearly this is designed just to push you further away from the team you once loved oh so much.

Bargaining: Maybe this is just a way of letting Ventura down easy, allowing him to choose to leave on his own.
Does this make any more sense that actually retaining him? Ventura’s contract is up; he needn’t be fired. What company would go through an elaborate dance, at the cost of a clear PR hit, to possibly maybe make the employee they’re not going to ask back feel a little better about the parting of ways? I don’t really see it. But grief is a hell of a thing.

Depression: None of it matters, the team is bad, and will continue to be bad anyway.
There it is, a more comfortable spot for White Sox fans. Good ol’ depression. But does it matter? Yet another thing I don’t know the answer to. The team is full of badness, lots of gaps to be filled. Does the captain of the ship matter at that point? If the Titanic had a Sully Sullenberger would things have been different? Probably not.

Acceptance: Well the Sox are my team, I’ll end up watching anyway.
It’s true. You will.

UPDATE: The true grieving process doesn’t begin until there is closure, however:

The initial report did not say that a contract had been offered. In fact, it said that negotiations had not yet even begun. Rather, it stated intention to retain Ventura if he wants to come back. It is, therefore, unclear as to whether this particular deck chair on this particular sinking ship will be rearranged or not.

Lead Image Credit: Matt Marton // USA Today Sports Images

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