Phillies 7, White Sox 6 : James Shields allows a bunch of runs

Fan favorite James Shields took the bump in an interleague contest Tuesday against one of the four teams with TAv lower than the White Sox. Seven runs crossed the plate under his watch, and the Phillies grabbed the opener of this short, two-game series. Not much excitement in this one until the end, but the […]


White Sox 7, Mariners 6: Todd Frazier Plays Hero In Walkoff Victory

After playing the last couple of series against teams with records even poorer than theirs, the White Sox found themselves back up against a team with actual playoff aspirations.  In their own meandering way, they helped to push those aspirations down by adding a loss to the Mariners’ ledger and dealing the mental blow of […]


Mariners 4, White Sox 3: Wasting Chris Sale

A Chris Sale beauty was chucked into the trash can tonight. You can scrounge in the dumpster if you like, but it you’re unlikely to find it. It’s gone. It’s lost. Scoring multiple runs may greatly increase your chances of winning baseball games, but turns out the winning formula is still to score more runs than […]


White Sox 9, Twins 6: James Shields Didn’t Get Murdered

Rumors of James Shields’ demise may have been exaggerated. Building upon the “best” start with his new team in Boston last week, the seemingly hopeless right-hander provided some hope that all is not lost. Pitching over a home run by the first batter he faced, Shields steadied the ship and the offense chipped in to do […]


Tigers 11, White Sox 8: Miguel Gonzalez Struggles, Sox Get Buried Early

What started out looking like it might be a see-saw affair end up being a one-sided beating despite large amounts of offense from both teams. The Sox dropped back below .500 as they were unable to get quality starting pitching yet again. 1. Robin Ventura’s lean towards speed at the top of his lineup paid quick […]


Giving Latos Another Whirl – Game Preview & Lineups 6/7

A series of sighs and sentences beginning with player names but trailing off into dissatisfied mumbles would be, though appropriate, uninformative pre-game reading. After a terrible stretch of baseball the White Sox find themselves not buried, but just two games out of the division lead. This should be reason for optimism. The long season has ebbs and […]