What can the White Sox take away from the World Series – LATE

At press time, the World Series finale was still undecided. We had no choice but to publish what we had.

Congratulations to the [Cleveland Indians/Chicago Cubs]!!! The drought is over!!!

While it would be sweeter if the Sox were in it themselves, it’s encouraging to see validation that [AL Central baseball is not total garbage like it sometimes seems/the city is not cursed and forever doomed to be unhappy]. Now, we have that. What a relief!

While there is no one way to win a title, the [Indians/Cubs] provided a strong argument for the merits of [securing a small crop of dependable veterans to supplement a inexpensive, effective core/burning everything down and painstakingly rebuilding the organization from the ground up]. The Sox could really stand to take a page out of their book!

Personally, I think it would be foolish to cling to petty grievances and let memories like [Kenny Lofton & Co. dominating the Sox for most of the ’90s and relegating Frank Thomas’ to relative obscurity/that time a Cubs fan puked on the Red Line and it smelled real bad] dominate our minds and detract from the enjoyment of an incredible Game 7 and an incredible World Series. But if you must be petty, try to cling to thoughts of [The 2005 Sox needlessly blitzing the Indians out of a playoff spot during the final weekend of the season/The Jon Garland trade].

I will miss baseball, but the offseason is around the corner, and it won’t be long before we get to discuss [Paying Kenley Jansen $100 million/Trading Chris Sale for several 17-year-olds]. In the mean time, stay safe, and do not [ignite the Cuyahoga River/destroy my car] in celebration.


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