MLB: ALDS-New York Yankees at Cleveland Indians

Taking stock of the AL Central

The offseason has been quiet thus far, both in terms of the overall scope of the league (with a few exceptions) and, more specifically, in the AL Central. But while the transactions those teams have made haven’t necessarily moved the needle yet, it’s worth taking stock of the state of those respective teams, moves they’ve […]

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Philadelphia Phillies

White Sox win total projection reveals a few things

The dead period between Hot Stove season and Spring Training leaves us in a state of destitution. We eagerly devour anything that even remotely resembles baseball news, scurrying under the table to feast on the crumbs of a Wily Mo Pena minor-league deal or bizarre rule change possibility. Preseason projections are the perfect meal to […]


What can the White Sox take away from the World Series – LATE

At press time, the World Series finale was still undecided. We had no choice but to publish what we had. Congratulations to the [Cleveland Indians/Chicago Cubs]!!! The drought is over!!! While it would be sweeter if the Sox were in it themselves, it’s encouraging to see validation that [AL Central baseball is not total garbage like […]


These Are The Bad Kind of Excuses

The expression “no excuses” has always vexed me. After all, if you would have won a race, but someone snagged you in a net before you hit the finish line, that’s a pretty excellent excuse. I also understand the expression as something athletes say when a star player gets hurt, because you have to maintain […]


White Sox 3, Indians 0: Rodon pushes back Cleveland’s clinch party

With the Tigers getting poleaxed by Royals on their own field at the time of this writing, the Indians just needed a victory against the deeply scuffling White Sox to be celebrating an AL Central title in their clubhouse Sunday afternoon. Which…wouldn’t be the end of the world. It’s not like the White Sox have skin […]


White Sox 8, Indians 1: All Bad Things Must End

The Cleveland Indians came into Saturday night’s game with a magic number of two, and the apparent assurance that they would get to clinch the AL Central during this series. The White Sox somehow managed to postpone that ignominious dishonor for at least another night by beating Cleveland 8-1. 1. The Sox got off to […]


Ok, let’s give a look at what Shields has been doing to avoid disaster

Thursday, Major League Baseball ordered San Diego Padres general manager A.J. Preller to be suspended 30 days without pay for falsifying medical records submitted in the trade of Drew Pomeranz to the Boston Red Sox. It’s a tangibly light penalty–Preller will likely be able to pay his bills alright in the interim, the Padres are […]


White Sox 2, Indians 1: Sox eventually take advantage of a Shields gem

At the risk of being needlessly and counterproductively hyperbolic, it would be a crime for the White Sox to have wasted an honest-to-goodness gem from embattled, dismissed and derided starter James Shields. Eventually, they avoided treachery and delivered the Indians an embarrassing if not particularly meaningful defeat for the third time in their four-game set, even if […]


Indians 6, White Sox 1: Carlos Rodon and Sox Offense Struggle in Loss

After two games in which the White Sox blew out the first place Indians by a total score of 19-5, the universe was ready to return to order. The White Sox had one of the hottest pitchers in baseball, Carlos Rodon, on the mound Wednesday night while the Indians sent Josh Tomlin out, who came […]