The Catbird Speaks 4.3.17 – It’s Opening Day!

Opening Day is here, and Collin Whitchurch, Nick Schaefer, and Frank Firke get together to discuss the 25-man roster, including the decisions the White Sox made regarding certain positions, and what options they have going forward. Later, they talk generally about the season as a whole, predictions for the rest of the American League, and they each give predictions on how many games the White Sox will win this season.

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3 comments on “The Catbird Speaks 4.3.17 – It’s Opening Day!”


How long does Hahn get to turn this thing around?

Nick Schaefer

Some of it depends on what you believe in terms of how much was his plan, when, and how much was someone else’s plan.

A lot of it depends on how long Jerry Reinsdorf owns the team. It takes…a *lot* to get him to fire anybody.


I hear ya on Reinsdorf. The muddied front office is by design so that no one can be blamed solely. It’s yet another slap in the face to its fanbase. Any educated guesses as to when Reinsdorf sells?

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