White Sox 8, Indians 1: All Bad Things Must End

The Cleveland Indians came into Saturday night’s game with a magic number of two, and the apparent assurance that they would get to clinch the AL Central during this series. The White Sox somehow managed to postpone that ignominious dishonor for at least another night by beating Cleveland 8-1. 1. The Sox got off to […]


Tigers 5, White Sox 3: Extra Innings, Extra Disappointment

Coming into today’s game, the White Sox were 5-11 on the season when playing the Tigers. It’s been bad. Almost comically bad, but not quite at that level. Just more tragic, which is the 2016 White Sox season in a nutshell. 1. The game started with bang. On the third pitch of the first at […]

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox

It’s Well Past Time To Cut Bait With Avisail Garcia

With every passing series, the 2016 Chicago White Sox season slips further away from “new, exciting, and full of promise” and closer towards “how are we seriously looking at four consecutive years of garbage?”, which is fun in a “we’re all slowly dying so it doesn’t actually matter” kind of way. But baseball is supposed […]