What is this going to look like?

This feels realer than the countless other times. The long-pondered White Sox rebuild rumors have more meat to them because the franchise-altering move to trade Chris Sale is being put at the forefront of reports, and the long-pondered Sale trade has more meat to it because it’s staked into these rebuild talks rather than some […]


Braves 2, White Sox 0: Current Sox drop finale, series to former Sox.

The White Sox donned their Sunday best, but dropped the series finale to the visiting Braves. With the loss, the Sox broke their streak of five-straight series wins and closed the door on a turbulent first half with a 45-43 record. 1. The scoring was done quick and early Sunday afternoon. Solo home runs from Jeff Francoeur […]


White Sox 5, Braves 4: Frazier stars in sloppy all-Colombian showdown

The first showdown of Colombian-born starting pitchers in major league baseball history pitted Julio Teheran against Jose Quintana; two young, All-Star caliber hurlers who have enjoyed a glorious climb to the top of their respective rotations and leagues. So naturally they were both pretty bad on Saturday against mediocre and awful offenses, respectively. 1. Todd Frazier […]


Braves 11, White Sox 8: Wut

It’s not like the Sox are world-beaters, or even particularly reliable, or even possess any immunity at all to the occasional–or frequent!–mind-bending letdown. And you can’t just look at starting pitching matchups and call them a win or loss, because there’s so much more going on in game beyond the starting pitchers. But c’mooooooon. The White […]