NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Louisville vs Vanderbilt

2016 MLB Draft: Trying to make sense of the speculation

We are officially less than a month from the start of the 2016 MLB Draft, and getting a grasp on the players who will potentially be available for the White Sox to pick at the No. 10 spot of the first round doesn’t seem to be getting any more clear than it was a few […]

MLB: Spring Training-Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals

2016 MLB Draft: A First Glance at the White Sox Prospects

The 2016 MLB Draft is less than two months away, and we’ve reached the point in the draft process where we can start to narrow down the potential players the White Sox will have to choose from with the No. 10 pick. While we bemoaned the team’s lack of spending during the offseason, the plus […]