Jerry Reinsdorf is ready to be done with the Adam LaRoche story

Having finally conducted meetings with key players and staff days after everything already hit the fan, Jerry Reinsdorf released a statement Sunday on where he thinks the Adam LaRoche brouhaha stands at this point in time.

Reinsdorf statement on LaRoche

In sum, Reinsdorf thinks entire week-long conflagration — which found its way to national headlines and included both LaRoche and Light of the Franchise, Chris Sale calling Kenny Williams a liar, and the team threatening to sit out a game in protest — was a big misunderstanding, and no one is at fault.

Things are so resolved now that he does not want anyone in the organization to discuss the matter anymore, which, given how this story extended itself for the last few days mostly due to players lashing out and saying phenomenally weird things about their clubhouse, was probably the most important detail all along.

Not having the public aware of White Sox turmoil has always been of equal importance as preventing actual turmoil, and much more attainable.

It would have been foolish to expect Reinsdorf coming in to settle matters would have produced anything close to a full audit of the situation being released to prying eyes, but even this strains credibility.

Lead Photo Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki, USA Today Sports Images

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