MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers

It’s Spring Training time and everyone’s feelin’ fine

White Sox pitchers and catchers — as well as a good number of early-arriving position players — participated in workouts at Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Ariz., for the first time Tuesday. The start of Spring Training is normally noteworthy for no other reason than because it’s the start of something. We’re still more than six […]

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The White Sox will need a CBA in order to rebuild

The serene, blissful wait for the White Sox to sell off a homegrown future Hall of Famer to the highest bidder was rudely disturbed Tuesday night with news of labor strife possibly being afoot. Understandably unable to get on-the-record comment about the active negotiations for the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reported […]


Reinsdorf Made Big Donations to Rauner, Rahm, Other ISFA Influencers

For more than three decades, White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf has been getting fat on government subsidies. In that time, he’s made sure to stuff the hands that feed him. In a search of individual donors since 1994 (when the Illinois State Board of Elections began digitizing records), BP South Side found $731,413 in political […]


There’s actually fault for everyone to take in the LaRoche flap

Jerry Reinsdorf issued a statement Sunday saying he “did not believe there is anyone directly to blame” in the week-long Adam LaRoche debacle that attracted gawkers for hundreds of miles. The spirit of refusal to pin this on one person is understandable, and I agree with it, but there’s a better alternative. Finding fault for […]


Jerry Reinsdorf is ready to be done with the Adam LaRoche story

Having finally conducted meetings with key players and staff days after everything already hit the fan, Jerry Reinsdorf released a statement Sunday on where he thinks the Adam LaRoche brouhaha stands at this point in time. In sum, Reinsdorf thinks entire week-long conflagration — which found its way to national headlines and included both LaRoche and Light […]