MLB: Chicago White Sox at Philadelphia Phillies

Stranger Things: The 2016 White Sox Season

Rejoice, White Sox fans, for it is finally over. The 2016 season that started out with a bang and went out with a very long fizzle has now officially been laid to rest for a whole week.  Of course, the entire idea of needing to rejoice because this season is “finally over” brings us back […]


When Reality Won’t Cooperate With Your Plans

The 2016 White Sox have an incomplete roster.  They left winter with an incomplete roster, with Austin Jackson as their big free agent acquisition. With more than half the season in the books, almost all of the problems they have now were foreseeable during the offseason. Unfortunately, they punted solving them, and as is often the case […]


South Side Morning 5: At least the team is worth worrying about

1. Is this a good time to appreciate what Carlos Rodon has been able to accomplish already in his young career? He was promoted into a major league starting rotation less than a year after he was drafted, and recorded his first double-digit strikeout game in his fifth career start. He entered Monday night’s game with […]


South Side Morning/Afternoon 5: White Sox starting pitching is not bad

1. Carlos Rodon not only has 10-straight quality starts after six shutout innings Wednesday night, he has 10-straight starts with two runs or less allowed. He has a 1.60 ERA over this stretch. Somewhere along the line he switched from becoming a raw talent to the White Sox starter providing the steadiest run prevention and […]


There’s actually fault for everyone to take in the LaRoche flap

Jerry Reinsdorf issued a statement Sunday saying he “did not believe there is anyone directly to blame” in the week-long Adam LaRoche debacle that attracted gawkers for hundreds of miles. The spirit of refusal to pin this on one person is understandable, and I agree with it, but there’s a better alternative. Finding fault for […]


Jerry Reinsdorf is ready to be done with the Adam LaRoche story

Having finally conducted meetings with key players and staff days after everything already hit the fan, Jerry Reinsdorf released a statement Sunday on where he thinks the Adam LaRoche brouhaha stands at this point in time. In sum, Reinsdorf thinks entire week-long conflagration — which found its way to national headlines and included both LaRoche and Light […]