White Sox takeaways from Saberseminar

The 2016 iteration of Saberseminar, a conference devoted to baseball scouting, statistics, and sports science, took place in Boston this past weekend. In roughly 12 hours of baseball presentations across two days, it was inevitable that topics relevant to every team would pop up; here are the portions of my notebook that pertain to the White Sox. In […]


Marlins 5, White Sox 4: Sale underwhelms as Sox comeback comes inches short

Death, taxes, government subsidies for sports stadiums, and the White Sox losing reviews on the plate-blocking rule. 1. Pinch-runner Carlos Sanchez was beaten by a strong throw home from left fielder Christian Yelich, as he tried to score the tying run in the top of the ninth after Tyler Saladino singled with two outs. The […]


White Sox 5, Tigers 4: Quintana and Eaton lead Sox despite unhinged ninth inning

The White Sox have…had a weekend. Sunday saw them attempt to return to normalcy by carving out a respectable result in a four-game series with the Tigers, and have someone actually making their scheduled turn in the rotation for once, but still featured a bullpen that had covered 14.2 innings in the last two games. […]


Tigers 2, White Sox 1: They are still playing the games

The White Sox spent the day in the headlines as analysts and fans across the country wondered if their situation was hopeless enough to merit selling off all their valuables in hopes of a viable future. But by nightfall, the vestiges of their once sincere pursuit of the playoffs took centerstage once again, as James […]


Angels 1, White Sox 0: Maybe get some runs someday?

Thanks–or no thanks–to the deadball era, and nearly 150 years of Major League Baseball’s existence, we’re far from the threshold where the White Sox current scoring ineptitude would approach any kind of historical level. Three-straight shutouts against bad teams, 32 consecutive scoreless innings, all are just the mundane struggles of a .500 team slipping into […]

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Los Angeles Angels

Angels 7, White Sox 0: A listless performance against an old friend

Shiny new toys Justin Morneau and Carson Fulmer joined the White Sox as they began the unofficial second half of the season Friday against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. And the new Sox got front row seats to watch an old Sox, Hector Santiago, completely shut down his former team in a 7-0 Angels’ […]


Braves 11, White Sox 8: Wut

It’s not like the Sox are world-beaters, or even particularly reliable, or even possess any immunity at all to the occasional–or frequent!–mind-bending letdown. And you can’t just look at starting pitching matchups and call them a win or loss, because there’s so much more going on in game beyond the starting pitchers. But c’mooooooon. The White […]

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox

Let’s take an updated look at those White Sox All-Star odds

Hooooooooo boy have things been ugly since we last checked in on the White Sox All-Star chances a little more than one month ago. When our esteemed leader James Fegan posted this article, speculating on the possibilities of All-Star appearances for a number of White Sox players, they were 24-14, coming off their fourth loss in […]