MLB: ALDS-New York Yankees at Cleveland Indians

Taking stock of the AL Central

The offseason has been quiet thus far, both in terms of the overall scope of the league (with a few exceptions) and, more specifically, in the AL Central. But while the transactions those teams have made haven’t necessarily moved the needle yet, it’s worth taking stock of the state of those respective teams, moves they’ve […]

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Atlanta Braves

Sizing Up The Competition: Detroit Tigers

Typically this time of year, we eagerly check the PECOTA projections to see what it thinks of the White Sox’ chances to compete in the AL Central. For the first time in years, however, competing in the immediate term is irrelevant. While you could certainly debate how to sequence the non-Cleveland teams in the division, […]

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Philadelphia Phillies

White Sox win total projection reveals a few things

The dead period between Hot Stove season and Spring Training leaves us in a state of destitution. We eagerly devour anything that even remotely resembles baseball news, scurrying under the table to feast on the crumbs of a Wily Mo Pena minor-league deal or bizarre rule change possibility. Preseason projections are the perfect meal to […]


White Sox 7, Tigers 4: Eighth-inning comeback gives Sox rare AL Central series win

After the White Sox improbably rallied for a four-run eighth to take the rubber match of what was a crucial three-game set for Detroit, Good Twitter User Neal Hamer posed the following interrogatory @JRFegan is this the first series the Sox have won against KC, Detroit or Cleveland this year? — Neal Hamer (@nealhamer) September […]


White Sox 2, Tigers 0: Miguel Gonzalez is what the game’s been missing

To be honest, the Sox turning two out of every five games into a run-soaked, four-hour bullpen game was getting pretty tiresome, and also making it hard to remember how this was ever a team with even a puncher’s chance in the AL playoff race. Into a void the Sox had been filling with Anthony […]


Tigers 5, White Sox 3: Extra Innings, Extra Disappointment

Coming into today’s game, the White Sox were 5-11 on the season when playing the Tigers. It’s been bad. Almost comically bad, but not quite at that level. Just more tragic, which is the 2016 White Sox season in a nutshell. 1. The game started with bang. On the third pitch of the first at […]


White Sox 6, Tigers 3: Sox rough up Zimmerman to dodge Detroit sweep

Like much of Detroit’s roster, Jordan Zimmerman looks like a troubling asset going forward. He’s owed $92 million through 2020 after this season, and his strikeout rate had collapsed to a career-low 15.2 percent coming into Thursday afternoon’s finale. Despite all this, like much of Detroit’s roster he had been effective in 2016, and healthy […]