Angels 8, White Sox 1: Uh…hmmrph

The White Sox were probably always going to lose this game. The already meager starting pitching depth of the Charlotte Knights has been picked clean, and even with that, Anthony Ranaudo pitched Thursday, so the Sox didn’t even have the option of picking their best Triple-A starter to fill in for the injured Carlos Rodon. […]


Angels 1, White Sox 0: Maybe get some runs someday?

Thanks–or no thanks–to the deadball era, and nearly 150 years of Major League Baseball’s existence, we’re far from the threshold where the White Sox current scoring ineptitude would approach any kind of historical level. Three-straight shutouts against bad teams, 32 consecutive scoreless innings, all are just the mundane struggles of a .500 team slipping into […]

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Chicago White Sox

Angels 3, White Sox 2: Late rally dies at the wall

The White Sox have themselves to blame. Enjoying the fruits of a soft early schedule has led them to a promising 10-6 start, but with the Rangers, Blue Jays and Orioles coming in to close the month, they may rue going 3-4 against the Rays and Angels, and especially failing to hit Jered Weaver on Thursday. […]

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Chicago White Sox

White Sox 2, Angels 1: Smooth Sailing

I guess the White Sox will do well if they can keep holding teams to 2 runs or less… — Nick Schaefer (@Nick_BPSS) April 20, 2016 The White Sox are the first team in the American League to reach 10 victories after Wednesday afternoon’s 2-1 victory over the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The offense remains […]


White Sox 5, Angels 0: Everything is fixed

The White Sox have won again, and in doing so, have not merely stopped a three-game skid, but restored hope to baseball, justice to the region, and raised the expected weekend high temperature in Chicago by four degrees. Or they grinded out a win against what does not appear to be a very good Angels team, […]


Angels 7, White Sox 0: Carlos Rodon Cameo Enough to Bury Sox

This was a bad game. And this is a losing streak. While getting swept at U.S. Cellular Field last season the Angels were able to muster up a total of four runs. Tonight they surpassed that total in the first inning. Spotting a team five runs in the first frame is a very direct route […]