Royals 2, White Sox 1: Rookies perform well after Gonzalez injury, but still no offense

Conceding that the Sox cannot hit, they lost again, Danny Duffy owns them (and the rest of the league too, now), Miguel Gonzalez got hurt, and most of the results for the rest of the season are meaningless: hey hey, some good things happened Friday night! 1. Gonzalez looked really crisp for that inning he […]

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox

Royals 4, White Sox 1: A typical Jose Quintana loss

The White Sox are back at .500, just as they clawed their way above the mark. Jose Quintana did his job for the most part, allowing just three runs over eight innings, but the Royals completely shut down the Sox offense. Same old, same old. 1. Quintana, per usual, was good. In fact, he didn’t face […]


Oh Good, The Royals Again – Game Preview & Lineups 5/26

The White Sox are officially floundering, right? Does their positioning at the top of the American League Central disqualify them from official floundering status? They haven’t won a series in weeks, and are coming off a pair of losses in which they burned their top two, and arguably, only reliable starting pitchers. You could waste […]


Getting close to time to prove something – Game Preview & Lineups 5/21

If offered the opportunity at the beginning of the year to be transported to a reality where on May 21, they had a 25-17 record, the White Sox–a collective monolith and consciousness in this hypothetical–would gleefully take it, laugh and celebrate their great fortune, and pensively, but not fearfully inquire at what crimes needed committing […]