MLB: Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox

White Sox Year in Review: Austin Jackson & Co.

Last offseason this website, in its past and current form, and seemingly everyone with a vested interest in the success of the White Sox, whether with a pen or keyboard, or just by speaking out loud were joined together in one common refrain: SIGN AN OUTFIELDER! This line of thought was logical. It was commonly known […]


Royals 7, White Sox 5: Below .500 But For the Twins

The only reason the White Sox are still in first place is because the Orioles beat Cleveland.  Friday night featured a parabolic emotional arc from misery to ecstasy and then humiliating impotent rage as the White Sox have now gone 4-12 in their last sixteen games after blowing a four-run lead they held going into […]

MLB: Spring Training-Chicago White Sox at Texas Rangers

There’s Room on the Bench for Improvement

We’ve talked about how the White Sox’ rotation sure could use some help.  And, especially with Jose Abreu‘s uncharacteristic ineptitude persisting, the offense could use reinforcements as well. On Monday, Rick Hahn said that he had noticed these things too: 1. The White Sox could use some more pitching; 2. A left-handed bat would be very […]


Getting close to time to prove something – Game Preview & Lineups 5/21

If offered the opportunity at the beginning of the year to be transported to a reality where on May 21, they had a 25-17 record, the White Sox–a collective monolith and consciousness in this hypothetical–would gleefully take it, laugh and celebrate their great fortune, and pensively, but not fearfully inquire at what crimes needed committing […]


Rays 3, White Sox 2: Bats stay cold in the Florida sun

To be fair to the White Sox, and their extremely cold bats, which were responsible for ending a five-game winning streak with a discouraging dull thud in Tampa, they were not in the Florida sun like the headline claims; they were flailing helplessly inside a hidden den on the bay that never looks fully lit. […]


White Sox 3, Twins 0: Federal ban on Twins victories held up on appeal

We don’t know everything the manager knows. It’s a reminder we always have to give ourselves whenever we feel too certain that we have caught the professionals in an egregious error. 1. But what datapoint could be much more certain than Jerry Sands being a career .198/.283/.283 hitter vs. right-handed pitching. It’s clear as day. […]


Early season scheduling considerations

The nitty gritty elements of baseball are back. With the beginning of the White Sox season, returned are the days of passing notes like “The team plane didn’t land until 3:00am last night,” and “looking for Chris Sale to go deep into the game after his bullpen covered seven innings yesterday,” and “it’s closer-by-committee today […]