Impact of Early Offseason Transactions

The massive gears of the offseason’s machinations have begun to turn, slowly picking up speed. The Astros signed Josh Reddick to a four year, $52 million contract. As he was traded midseason, Reddick doesn’t cost Houston a draft pick, and they have purchased his solidly average services for $13 million AAV. They also added Brian McCann‘s […]


Some Final Thoughts on The Cubs and The Off-Season Ahead for the White Sox

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series and I sit here jealous of the team and its fans. The World Series was tough for me to watch not because I don’t like the Cubs (they’re a pretty fun team to watch) nor because some Cubs fans can be unbearable (every fanbase has meatballs, the Cubs […]


BP South Side 2016-17 Offseason Plan – Part 2 (The fun part)

The most profound difficulty with assessing anyone’s mock offseason plan is determining where they chose to place themselves in the divide between what the White Sox would ideally do, and what they will likely do. Especially for a franchise that has struggled as much as the Sox have, provided as much frustration with regards to […]


End of August Gallimaufry

Tomorrow is September 1st and the White Sox have 31 games left to play, and it seems like a good time to step back and take stock. 1.  Miguel Gonzalez is in the process of beginning his rehab outings. While Austin Jackson and Brett Lawrie initially had modest timetables for their absence that morphed into […]