BP South Side 2016-17 Offseason Plan – Part 1

What should the White Sox do to redeem this perpetual mess? Let’s discuss with somewhat reasonable parameters. Our first session will be firing through basic decisions: player options, non-tender decisions and outgoing free agents, hugs. The second session will be about trading Chris Sale and raiding nearby buildings for copper piping. Player Options Pick up […]

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox

White Sox Year in Review: Austin Jackson & Co.

Last offseason this website, in its past and current form, and seemingly everyone with a vested interest in the success of the White Sox, whether with a pen or keyboard, or just by speaking out loud were joined together in one common refrain: SIGN AN OUTFIELDER! This line of thought was logical. It was commonly known […]


These Are The Bad Kind of Excuses

The expression “no excuses” has always vexed me. After all, if you would have won a race, but someone snagged you in a net before you hit the finish line, that’s a pretty excellent excuse. I also understand the expression as something athletes say when a star player gets hurt, because you have to maintain […]


The Evergreen White Sox Problem

Upon drafting the headline, I hesitated, because it could describe a number of things with this organization. But in this instance, I am speaking specifically about the White Sox’ perpetual habit of gushing blood at several spots on the lineup and being clueless as to how to fix it. It’s been going on so long that […]


End of August Gallimaufry

Tomorrow is September 1st and the White Sox have 31 games left to play, and it seems like a good time to step back and take stock. 1.  Miguel Gonzalez is in the process of beginning his rehab outings. While Austin Jackson and Brett Lawrie initially had modest timetables for their absence that morphed into […]


When Reality Won’t Cooperate With Your Plans

The 2016 White Sox have an incomplete roster.  They left winter with an incomplete roster, with Austin Jackson as their big free agent acquisition. With more than half the season in the books, almost all of the problems they have now were foreseeable during the offseason. Unfortunately, they punted solving them, and as is often the case […]