What free agents do rebuilding teams sign?

Wednesday signings turned the focus to two rebuilding teams the White Sox would just as soon not emulate. The Oakland A’s, who seem destined for a third-straight losing season, with no clarity in sight for the stadium/revenue issues that prompted the teardown of the 2014 team, signed 36-year-old veteran outfielder Rajai Davis to a one-year, […]


White Sox 6, Athletics 2: This was how things were supposed to be

Having the 53-70 A’s roll in town is, typically, a good way for everything  for operate like it was always supposed. Time was, just a Chris Sale start was enough to make the Sox look like a killer outlet, but holding back his best stuff as he sticks to a conservation plan that begun running […]


Early season scheduling considerations

The nitty gritty elements of baseball are back. With the beginning of the White Sox season, returned are the days of passing notes like “The team plane didn’t land until 3:00am last night,” and “looking for Chris Sale to go deep into the game after his bullpen covered seven innings yesterday,” and “it’s closer-by-committee today […]