MLB: Chicago White Sox at Philadelphia Phillies

Stranger Things: The 2016 White Sox Season

Rejoice, White Sox fans, for it is finally over. The 2016 season that started out with a bang and went out with a very long fizzle has now officially been laid to rest for a whole week.  Of course, the entire idea of needing to rejoice because this season is “finally over” brings us back […]


South Side Morning 5: Fixes to White Sox roster are running late

1. Carlos Rodon is mad at White Sox management. Not the sort of deep, intractable anger that hastens his departure the moment free agency strikes, but the type of annoyance at the caution being employed to yank him from the rotation for a turn that provides some assurance. The White Sox are framing things such that the […]


Giving Latos Another Whirl – Game Preview & Lineups 6/7

A series of sighs and sentences beginning with player names but trailing off into dissatisfied mumbles would be, though appropriate, uninformative pre-game reading. After a terrible stretch of baseball the White Sox find themselves not buried, but just two games out of the division lead. This should be reason for optimism. The long season has ebbs and […]


South Side Morning 5: Slump busted in just in time

1. The 2008 and 2005 White Sox both dealt with seven-game losing streaks at one point. When the 2005 club did it in August, they immediately ceded four games of their once enormous AL Central lead to the Indians, who would eventually shrink a 15-game deficit into just 1.5 games before being finally beaten back […]

MLB: Chicago White Sox at New York Mets

White Sox 6, Mets 4: Finally, a victory

Tuesday night’s game between the White Sox and Mets saw a clash of seven game streaks. Chicago entered with a seven-game losing streak, while Mets starter Steven Matz countered with a seven-start winning streak. Baseball is a funny game and decided to end both with one fell swoop as the Sox came from behind to claw out […]