MLB: Chicago White Sox at Boston Red Sox

What’s left to watch?

There are plenty of negative aspects to this White Sox team to talk about. In fact, there may be so many different angles of how the team is bad that none of them are actually interesting at all. The utter incapability to throw runners out would be interesting if it wasn’t a mere few runs […]

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins

Transactions Analysis: Brett Lawrie and Avisail Garcia

The White Sox declared themselves dead before the end of July and basically the only thing they’ve done since is awkwardly let Robin Ventura kind of fire himself and float uninspiring rumors about trying to trade Chris Sale.  Well, we finally had some news last night as Avisail Garcia and Brett Lawrie avoided arbitration and reached […]

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers

White Sox Year in Review: Brett Lawrie & Tyler Saladino

In Brett Lawrie the White Sox got exactly what they ordered off the menu. Brett Lawrie in 2016: 94 games, .248/.310/.413, 12 HRs, .253 TAv, 1.3 WARP Brett Lawrie career averages: 98 games, .261/.315/.419, 11.8 HRs, .266 TAv, 2.2 WARP Lawrie did just about everything one might have expected when the Sox acquired him from Oakland last […]

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox

The Perils of a Rebuild

As a general matter, I become extremely suspicious when the White Sox are, inevitably, compared to the Cubs. More often than not, it is done to force a narrative rather than to provide any meaningful analysis as to what is occurring on the field. Of late, the comparisons have proliferated but, mercifully, they have at least […]