MLB: Detroit Tigers at Atlanta Braves

Sizing Up The Competition: Detroit Tigers

Typically this time of year, we eagerly check the PECOTA projections to see what it thinks of the White Sox’ chances to compete in the AL Central. For the first time in years, however, competing in the immediate term is irrelevant. While you could certainly debate how to sequence the non-Cleveland teams in the division, […]


This could take a while

One of the issues with a Chris Sale trade when it was just an annoying article prompt, rather than a possibly imminent occurrence, is the intense theoretical expensiveness of it. Having the most valuable trade asset in recent memory is only great for a rebuild if anyone can actually pay the price. Or wants to. […]


Tigers 5, White Sox 3: Extra Innings, Extra Disappointment

Coming into today’s game, the White Sox were 5-11 on the season when playing the Tigers. It’s been bad. Almost comically bad, but not quite at that level. Just more tragic, which is the 2016 White Sox season in a nutshell. 1. The game started with bang. On the third pitch of the first at […]

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers

Tigers 5, White Sox 2: This Is Fine

Given how comprehensively the White Sox have failed for a month straight now, it comes as no surprise that they have figured out a different style of impotently collapsing for each division rival.  After they helped vault Kansas City into first with three straight bullpen meltdowns of biblical proportions, they decided this three-game set against […]