South Side Morning 5: White Sox take a Chance

When I made a small plea for the White Sox to consider being more aggressive in using Chance the Rapper as part of their marketing effort, it was in the spirit of using the “privilege of the floor” portion of a City Council meeting to say my piece, after all of the real proposals and bills had […]

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Tampa Bay Rays

Sonny Gray, For Real This Time — Game Preview & Lineups 4/6

Waking up to a “fun fact” indicating that if the White Sox win tonight, they’ll be three games over .500 for the first time since 2012 was a depressing start to my day. Though it’s also a bit surprising that they’ve been as much as two over any time more recently given the teams they’ve been […]


South Side Morning 5: The White Sox are undefeated

1. You could almost hear the music from the White Sox Monday night. Chris Sale was so clean and efficient rounding out a seven-inning, three-run effort, it could almost completely drown out the static of him overthrowing for the first three frames and an ugly, snowballing third inning. Nate Jones‘ finishing move to close out […]

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Chicago White Sox

South Side Morning 5: Opening Day

1. Chris Sale faces Sonny Gray in the best pitching matchup of Opening Day. I am aware of the Corey Kluber-David Price game, I looked them all up before I did this and decided to double down on this claim for my baseball connoisseur cred. The game played at 10:00pm EDT in a dimly-lit Dungeon […]