MLB: Tampa Bay Rays-Media Day

Internal and external options for the final White Sox roster spot

In the final days of Spring Training, we find ourselves watching with bated breath to see how the White Sox roster will shake out prior to the team’s departure for Oakland and actual, meaningful baseball games. Battles for roster spots can be exciting; competitors reaching deep within during exhibition contests to show that they are […]


South Side Morning 5: Final roster spot battles

One of the most pernicious and frustrating elements of Spring Training coverage is how everything being meaningless for major league regulars turns the focus to the roster drama for players who likely will have no significant impact on the fate of the 2016 White Sox. Well, there’s no respite from that today.

MLB: Spring Training-Chicago Cubs at Chicago White Sox

Spring Training Roundup: Let’s Actually Talk Baseball

To say that White Sox camp has been anything less than eventful thus far would be a vast understatement. During the last week, the events surrounding the LaRoche family and the White Sox have turned the team into media darlings. The week-long fiasco known as “L’Affaire LaRoche” was no longer just a White Sox Spring Training story, it […]