South Side Morning 5: Sox fifth starters are showing their fluidity

1. It’s hard not to feel for Erik Johnson at some point. He spent the last homestand kicking around the clubhouse waiting for an opportunity to pitch that eventually got handed to Miguel Gonzalez. He’s conquered the International League two times over and is now 26-years-old and his prospect shine is behind him, but the […]


Red Sox 7, White Sox 3: Operator error

Thursday night, both Boston and Chicago started troubled young starters that they surely knew brought significant mess potential, and man, they certainly got what they bargained for. 1. Erik Johnson spent so much of the first three innings of Thursday night’s start cementing the sad realization that he doesn’t have the promising stuff that made […]


Rumor Mill: White Sox Will Attend Lincecum’s Showcase

After months of…well, the word “suspense” imbues the event with more significance than it deserves, so not that, but months of expectation, it has been announced that Tim Lincecum will have his showcase for prospective teams this coming Friday.  Unsurprisingly, his goal is to land a spot in a starting rotation somewhere, and Jon Heyman […]


South Side Morning 5: The Most Cautious of Optimism

1. After a turgid five-runs-in-four-games stretch for the offense, which plummeted them to the depths of the major league standings in total offense, the White Sox offense can hardly be redeemed by their top two sluggers knocking around mediocrity from Matt Shoemaker, but… Todd Frazier basically jumped on the type of mistake we have been […]