MLB: Detroit Tigers at Atlanta Braves

Sizing Up The Competition: Detroit Tigers

Typically this time of year, we eagerly check the PECOTA projections to see what it thinks of the White Sox’ chances to compete in the AL Central. For the first time in years, however, competing in the immediate term is irrelevant. While you could certainly debate how to sequence the non-Cleveland teams in the division, […]

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins

Around the AL Central: Tigers’ hitters get hot

Spotlight Detroit Tigers (14-10) Last week: 6-1 (3-1 vs. Oakland; 3-0 @Minnesota) The biggest question about the Tigers’ ability to contend coming into the season was whether some of the Tigers’ stars, nearly all of them at an age where you could realistically expect their output to start to dip, would be able to stay […]