Twins 11, White Sox 3: What are we doing here, guys?

The White Sox are contractually committed to James Shields through 2018, he is unmovable in his current state, and they have plenty of reasons for being invested in his recovery, whatever potential for it there may still be. But as each disaster piles on top of each other, they will be pressed to answer if […]

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox

South Side Morning 5: Do the White Sox care about winning?

1. Sometimes, stripping every message to their core principles and leaving out revealing details provides misconceptions. For example, Chris Sale‘s inexcusable and bizarre outburst is being couched by his agent as a dispute over whether the White Sox “cared about winning”. Jayson Stark: “‘The only thing that matters to Chris Sale is winning,’ [Sale’s agent] […]


Angels 8, White Sox 1: Uh…hmmrph

The White Sox were probably always going to lose this game. The already meager starting pitching depth of the Charlotte Knights has been picked clean, and even with that, Anthony Ranaudo pitched Thursday, so the Sox didn’t even have the option of picking their best Triple-A starter to fill in for the injured Carlos Rodon. […]


Rumor Mill: White Sox Will Attend Lincecum’s Showcase

After months of…well, the word “suspense” imbues the event with more significance than it deserves, so not that, but months of expectation, it has been announced that Tim Lincecum will have his showcase for prospective teams this coming Friday.  Unsurprisingly, his goal is to land a spot in a starting rotation somewhere, and Jon Heyman […]