It’s (Probably) Not Time To Panic on the South Side Just Yet

“It doesn’t mean the whole season is going to end up this way.’’ Manager Robin Ventura told reporters on Monday. Ventura is right. Of course, he was more specifically referring to White Sox first basemen Jose Abreu’s recent struggles at the plate, but this quote can certainly fit into a variety of different contexts for his […]


White Sox 7, Indians 6: Trio of new faces provides good start to long day

It’s been a while since the White Sox division lead took some time for self-care. For the first game of the White Sox Monday doubleheader against Cleveland — they still have to play a full series after this during a week with no off day — both teams put scuffling starters against one another and hoped to emerge standing […]


Astros 5, White Sox 3: Well, at least they got a triple play

If you happen to read PECOTA projected standings, which I like to do sometimes, you’ll notice that the Astros have a higher projected winning percentage moving forward than the White Sox. It may not show int their 17-24 record as of now, but it’s true: even though they don’t have the wins to show for […]


Hoping Mat Latos Can Stop the Bleeding – Game Preview & Lineups 5/18

After some questionable umpiring resulted in the White Sox losing in extra innings to the Astros last night, the team is currently riding a three game skid that’s seen their lead on the AL Central drop from 5 games to 3.5. For a team with noticeable depth issues and numerous holes, losing consecutive series to […]


South Side Morning 5: Ready to make a big move

1. White Sox general manager Rick Hahn said something pre-game Tuesday that could be excerpted to sound really newsworthy: Rick Hahn on making trades: "We're prepared to make a move today." Said dialogue has begun but possible deals probably a few weeks away. — Chuck Garfien (@ChuckGarfien) May 17, 2016 A move today! That would mean […]


South Side Morning 5: A day off to heal grievous facial wounds

1. Todd Frazier looks like someone punched him in the face, right below his bottom lip. Considering the possibilities that were shuffled through after he superhero leaped into the stands in Arlington and stuck a face first landing on a hard plastic seat, before sprinting off the field with his glove cupping his face (to […]


White Sox 10, Twins 4: Minnesotan mistakes provide a healthy margin for error

Thursday night, the White Sox were held to three runs and dropped just their second series of the year, despite being handed a passel of free baserunners from an unbelievably sloppy effort by the Boston pitching staff. 1. In the first inning Friday night against Ricky Nolasco and the Twins, the White Sox showed quickly […]