Hunt for a cheaper new core

Reassuring or frustrating depending on your perspective or relative sense of exhaustion, the possible/likely/implied White Sox move toward a rebuild has opened general manager Rick Hahn to discussing the team’s situation in more frank terms. From Dan Hayes: “When you look at the top end of our roster, arguably we could measure up against anybody. […]

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox

The Perils of a Rebuild

As a general matter, I become extremely suspicious when the White Sox are, inevitably, compared to the Cubs. More often than not, it is done to force a narrative rather than to provide any meaningful analysis as to what is occurring on the field. Of late, the comparisons have proliferated but, mercifully, they have at least […]


White Sox 7, Astros 6: Navarro, Shuck carry Sale to 14th win (What?)

HOUSTON — Chris Sale bounced back from a rough first few innings to earn his 14th win of the season as the White Sox beat the Astros 7-6 Saturday afternoon at Minute Maid Park. Things looked pretty bleak for Sale through the first three innings. After allowing a solo homer to Jose Altuve in the first, […]


Astros 5, White Sox 0: Silent offense spoils good Gonzalez effort

HOUSTON — The last time Miguel Gonzalez took the mound, the White Sox hit a bazillion (seven) home runs, but Gonzalez took the loss anyway after giving up eight earned runs in 5.1 innings. So, naturally, Friday night in Houston, Gonzalez managed to last seven innings, allowed just three runs (two earned) and he still came away […]


You Just Keep Being You, Chris Sale – Game Preview & Lineups 5/19

A much needed Chris Sale Day. When the rotation starts shaping up to Sale, Quintana, then I don’t wanna, you have to ask yourself how this team is still in first place. The White Sox haven’t won since the last time Chris Sale pitched, and other than Quintana’s start they’ve allowed more than five runs […]


Astros 5, White Sox 3: Well, at least they got a triple play

If you happen to read PECOTA projected standings, which I like to do sometimes, you’ll notice that the Astros have a higher projected winning percentage moving forward than the White Sox. It may not show int their 17-24 record as of now, but it’s true: even though they don’t have the wins to show for […]