MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox

South Side Morning 5: The White Sox lost a normal game where nothing weird happened

1. “Wow, what a game!” Or maybe it’s “ugh, that game went on forever.” Hopefully everyone is on board with the former, because after a winning series, it sure feels like a glass half-full kind of morning. The White Sox and Twins battled it out for 13 innings before the Twins were finally able to […]

MLB: ALDS-New York Yankees at Cleveland Indians

Taking stock of the AL Central

The offseason has been quiet thus far, both in terms of the overall scope of the league (with a few exceptions) and, more specifically, in the AL Central. But while the transactions those teams have made haven’t necessarily moved the needle yet, it’s worth taking stock of the state of those respective teams, moves they’ve […]

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins

South Side Morning 5: Avisail Garcia and James Shields are Good?

The White Sox visited Target Field over the weekend for a three game series with the Minnesota Twins. With Dylan Covey, Jose Quintana, and James Shields taking the mound the Sox were able to take 2 of 3 games from the Twins. They now sit a game above .500 at 6-5. 1. Jacob May saw his […]

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Philadelphia Phillies

White Sox win total projection reveals a few things

The dead period between Hot Stove season and Spring Training leaves us in a state of destitution. We eagerly devour anything that even remotely resembles baseball news, scurrying under the table to feast on the crumbs of a Wily Mo Pena minor-league deal or bizarre rule change possibility. Preseason projections are the perfect meal to […]


White Sox 13, Twins 11: Order and reason abandon the sport, and the Sox emerge victorious

The assumption when the fourth and fifth-place teams in the AL Central square off in the finale of a four-game set, and drag themselves, the paid attendants, the stadium staff and broadcast crews through a four-hour, 46-minute, 24-run war, that this is awful, low-quality baseball; a joyless slog. Let’s operate under a different assumption, that […]


Twins 11, White Sox 3: What are we doing here, guys?

The White Sox are contractually committed to James Shields through 2018, he is unmovable in his current state, and they have plenty of reasons for being invested in his recovery, whatever potential for it there may still be. But as each disaster piles on top of each other, they will be pressed to answer if […]


White Sox 11, Twins 4: Rodon, big offensive night snaps four-game skid

Two bad teams completely out of playoff contention met in a game Friday night, and it was apparent. The Twins came in having lost 13 of their last 14 games (their only win coming last night in the series opener), while the Sox went into the game with a four-game losing streak of their own. […]


Twins 8, White Sox 5: Let’s not even pretend to understand what happened

The Twins entered Thursday night’s contest twirling their way through a 13-game losing streak that will probably get frequently referred to when retracing how they lost 100 games in 2016. During said streak, the Twins had allowed 96 runs, or around 7.3 per game. If one wanted to gradually transition a major league team into […]