White Sox 1, Rays 0: One last Miguel Gonzalez gem for the road

Buried in the melancholy and disappointment of the 2016 White Sox season has been a small, quiet story of a journeyman pitcher who stared down a path that would lead to more waiver wires, non-guaranteed deals and the likely end of his career, and turned it around. Miguel Gonzalez, the former Mexican League hurler who […]


Rays 3, White Sox 2: Bats stay cold in the Florida sun

To be fair to the White Sox, and their extremely cold bats, which were responsible for ending a five-game winning streak with a discouraging dull thud in Tampa, they were not in the Florida sun like the headline claims; they were flailing helplessly inside a hidden den on the bay that never looks fully lit. […]


Score Some Runs Because John Danks Needs You To – Game Preview & Lineups 4/16

Having already matched their 2015 win total against the Rays, the White Sox will now attempt to surpass it behind a man who has thus far emerged as the starting rotation’s weak link. The Sox team starter ERA is first in the league, nearly half a run better than the second place Kansas City Royals. […]


Waiting For Chris Sale to Chris Sale – Game Preview and Lineups 4/15

As much light as has been made about the scheduling of White Sox opponents, the upcoming series against the Rays will make two of the four teams they have played division winners in the eyes of PECOTA. The fact of the matter is the American League is without dramatic extremes. This is the schedule. These are […]