Todd Frazier’s bid to lead the White Sox in more than just home runs

When Todd Frazier was acquired, what was expected was that he’d provide power and good defense at third base. With an MLB-leading 17 home runs, he’s certainly delivered on the first part; his defense hasn’t been quite as good as in years past, but it certainly hasn’t been bad. He hasn’t done things in exactly […]


South Side Morning 5: Slump busted in just in time

1. The 2008 and 2005 White Sox both dealt with seven-game losing streaks at one point. When the 2005 club did it in August, they immediately ceded four games of their once enormous AL Central lead to the Indians, who would eventually shrink a 15-game deficit into just 1.5 games before being finally beaten back […]


South Side Memorial Day 5: Disasterpiece Theater

1. If forced to pick a single head-scratching moment from this weekend’s neverending bullpen meltdown–from which Robin Ventura might have come out looking better than expected since absolutely nothing worked–it would have been the fifth-year manager realizing that closer David Robertson was in a crisis on Saturday from which he could not pull himself out […]


White Sox 7, Indians 6: Trio of new faces provides good start to long day

It’s been a while since the White Sox division lead took some time for self-care. For the first game of the White Sox Monday doubleheader against Cleveland — they still have to play a full series after this during a week with no off day — both teams put scuffling starters against one another and hoped to emerge standing […]


Evaluating the White Sox Defense: [Insert “Glove” and “Love” Pun here]

The White Sox are 23-10. Last year on May 10 the White Sox beat Cincinnati by one run to move to 12-16.  They are better this year.  No doubt this is the hard-hitting statistical analysis you have come to expect from Baseball Prospectus. There are some very visible reasons for the improvement.  The 2015 White […]

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox

White Sox 3, Twins 1: Can they play the Twins every day?

The sweep is complete. The White Sox moved to a perfect 6-0 against the Twins on Sunday thanks to Jose Quintana’s continued exceptional pitching, a few timely runs and a shutdown bullpen performance. They are now 12 games over .500. 1. We all know that Quintana cannot sustain a 1.40 ERA and 2.10 FIP for […]


White Sox 10, Blue Jays 1: Sale and offense cruise, and living is easy

Life with the White Sox as a juggernaut is still new and strange, but the adjustment gets easier day by day 1. When is the last time the White Sox offense made Chris Sale Day a side attraction? Facing familiar punching bag R.A. Dickey, the Sox slowly turned a leak into a flood, clinging to […]