MLB: Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox

White Sox Year in Review: Austin Jackson & Co.

Last offseason this website, in its past and current form, and seemingly everyone with a vested interest in the success of the White Sox, whether with a pen or keyboard, or just by speaking out loud were joined together in one common refrain: SIGN AN OUTFIELDER! This line of thought was logical. It was commonly known […]


These Are The Bad Kind of Excuses

The expression “no excuses” has always vexed me. After all, if you would have won a race, but someone snagged you in a net before you hit the finish line, that’s a pretty excellent excuse. I also understand the expression as something athletes say when a star player gets hurt, because you have to maintain […]


The Evergreen White Sox Problem

Upon drafting the headline, I hesitated, because it could describe a number of things with this organization. But in this instance, I am speaking specifically about the White Sox’ perpetual habit of gushing blood at several spots on the lineup and being clueless as to how to fix it. It’s been going on so long that […]


Royals 3, White Sox 2 – Finally enough blown leads and offensive ineptitude to lose

It turns out there are limits to things. Limits to how long a team can stay in a game when failing to produce against 12 innings of fluff pitching (the game was 14 innings long but some of these pitchers were actually good), limits to how many one-run leads they can cough up, and limits […]


White Sox 5, Yankees 0: As easy as Pie-neda

An important part of contending is not just about come-from-behind victories, or hard-fought battles against division foes; it’s about winning the games you need to win. The White Sox lost in an embarrassing fashion last night, by a score of 9-0. They followed that up with an easy win of their own, and they beat […]


White Sox 7, Astros 6: Navarro, Shuck carry Sale to 14th win (What?)

HOUSTON — Chris Sale bounced back from a rough first few innings to earn his 14th win of the season as the White Sox beat the Astros 7-6 Saturday afternoon at Minute Maid Park. Things looked pretty bleak for Sale through the first three innings. After allowing a solo homer to Jose Altuve in the first, […]


White Sox 6, Twins 5: Shuck bloop saves Sox

With their best hitter troubled by a sprained wrist, their center fielder’s injured knee still in recovery and their mid-season DH upgrade stuck on zero plate appearances for the season, perhaps it was unreasonable to expect the White Sox to collect any style points in dispatching even the moribund Minnesota Twins. All they really need […]