South Side Morning 5: Sox bullpen has inevitable slide back to Earth

1. Less than two weeks ago, our Cat Garcia profiled how much of the White Sox flat-out shocking April dominance was due to a bullpen that was pacing all of baseball in run prevention. Less than two weeks later, I’m here to look back on a week with back-to-back series losses, where the easiest culprit […]


BP South Side Morning 5: Living like a cat

1. A funny thing happened among some of the principal actors in the White Sox’ stirring five-run comeback Monday night, which featured five-straight Sox hitters reaching base with two outs in the seventh: Todd Frazier and Jimmy Rollins are having good offensive months now. Rollins, who has been focused on–including here–as an undeserving occupier of the […]


White Sox 5, Angels 0: Everything is fixed

The White Sox have won again, and in doing so, have not merely stopped a three-game skid, but restored hope to baseball, justice to the region, and raised the expected weekend high temperature in Chicago by four degrees. Or they grinded out a win against what does not appear to be a very good Angels team, […]


White Sox 4, Twins 1: The Twins have still not won a game

Starting with Oakland, continuing with their own, and now stretching to Minnesota, the White Sox have ruined every home opener they have laid eyes on. A sleepy, tight, but solid enough 4-1 pitching clinic against the severely snakebit Twins now has the Sox on their best start to a season since they went 5-2 to […]


South Side Morning 5: Next stop, World Series

1. “The last time the #WhiteSox were 3-1 they won the 2005 World Series.” -Bob Nightengale. Well, then. Those are the stakes. 2. Mat Latos didn’t really have no-hit stuff Thursday afternoon, numbers aside. Low-90s with a loopy curve and five swings-and-misses in 88 pitches doesn’t scream “breakthrough,” but Latos’ rave reviews for his battery-mate were […]