These Are The Bad Kind of Excuses

The expression “no excuses” has always vexed me. After all, if you would have won a race, but someone snagged you in a net before you hit the finish line, that’s a pretty excellent excuse. I also understand the expression as something athletes say when a star player gets hurt, because you have to maintain […]

MLB: Chicago White Sox at New York Mets

White Sox 6, Mets 4: Finally, a victory

Tuesday night’s game between the White Sox and Mets saw a clash of seven game streaks. Chicago entered with a seven-game losing streak, while Mets starter Steven Matz countered with a seven-start winning streak. Baseball is a funny game and decided to end both with one fell swoop as the Sox came from behind to claw out […]


Mets 1, White Sox 0: White Sox sow horrible things, reap them

The losses have at least gained a measure of uniqueness, after a somewhat boilerplate weekend pattern of triumph-nagging, dread-utter desolation. 1. Then again, hanging Jose Quintana out to dry had become old hat before this year, and the round of applause bands get for playing old favorites will likely be withheld this time. The AL leader […]