South Side Morning 5: Life atop the AL Central

1. MLB careers are fickle and end brutally, and when they don’t, they can linger and stagger along as empty shells like post-injury John Danks. Point being, it’s nice to have new affirmation in a new season that everything still works; that Jose Quintana‘s combination of low-90s heat and average or better stuff continues to play […]

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Chicago White Sox

South Side Morning 5: Opening Day

1. Chris Sale faces Sonny Gray in the best pitching matchup of Opening Day. I am aware of the Corey Kluber-David Price game, I looked them all up before I did this and decided to double down on this claim for my baseball connoisseur cred. The game played at 10:00pm EDT in a dimly-lit Dungeon […]